CC Virtually Admin provides a high quality administration service allowing your business to focus on the things you are good at whilst knowing that your administration needs are being safely and professionally handled; ultimately making your business more efficient. This is all done ‘virtually’, meaning this service is provided remotely, collaborating with you, but without the need for you to provide office space or incur ongoing staffing overheads.

Created by Carmen Clifford to provide administration solutions that are responsive to your personal needs, CC Virtually Admin tailors to your requirements whilst bringing an experienced, knowledgeable and timely approach.

Carmen has been in the administration field for almost 20 years, with extensive corporate experience in office management, personal/executive assistance and events management. She has a passion for personable communication and relationship building. Understanding your needs and collaborating with you is a priority, as is executing timely, quality results.

“I’m passionate about people, administration and getting things organised!”

And that is why CC Virtually Admin is able to assist your business in taking care of the day to day administration tasks you don’t have the time or passion for. It’s about taking care of your administration, virtually!